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Local Diner Causes An Uproar After Controversial Advertisement

Originally Posted April 2nd 2019 on our Scene Highlights page

Kyle Stumpo

The Wellington Diner, a local eatery located on Wellington Street, has caused another uproar due to it’s controversial advertising practices. While many people may find the advertisement (which says to call poison control if over-medicated on certain drugs but to call the diner if you’ve consumed too much Cannabis) relatively innocuous, the city is currently reeling from a multitude of overdoses in the last 2 weeks and this has caused some people to start letting the diner know that they’ve had enough.


“I believe that Ottawa businesses and the diner in question should understand that capitalizing on tragedy may get you publicity but creates a disgusting reputation for not only your business but for the city,” said Kamryn Lamadeleine during an interview on Monday.

“There’s a saying that any publicity is good publicity, but the Wellington Diner has capitalised off of Islamophobia and now the drug epidemic. Which in my opinion is nothing short of inhumane and tasteless. I hope that the city of Ottawa recognised that this cess pool should not be considered a hidden gem or supported by politicians and athletes,” she said.

Kamryn also had this to say to those affected by addiction, “As someone who has struggled with addictions I’ve made a promise to myself and Tyler that I’m done . Education is key when speaking about addictions . It is a disease . It can be caused by intergenerational trauma. Addiction does not make you a bad person. If you know someone struggling please check up on them and remind them of the resources they can acess. Remind them not to use alone and if they do to let someone know where they are and to leave the doors unlocked. It’s easy to say dont do drugs…but when it comes down to it…saying no and actually not doing them can be one of the most difficult decisions you make whether it be peer pressure, wanting to try something new/curosity, wanting to go harder at a party, or having done it before and loving the escape. Anyone can harbour the pain of addiction whether it be watching someone you love suffer or dealing with it yourself. You are not alone. Drugs dont care who you are though, so educate yourself and stay safe.”

“I will be planning (have already started) a protest for a date after Tyler’s arrangements and before the memorial show at the Bronson Center on the 14th. However, if the owner gives a sincere apology (not a bullshit one like for is racist sign) and makes a donation to the family then I will reconsider running the protest. This diner should have been shut down before with the Islamophobic marketing and transphobic treatment of one of their customers . I’ve also heard from personal sources who have worked here that the owner needs to reevaluate himself. Hes been described as “psychotic”. I pity his employees and hope they’re paid well dealing with that bullshit,” Kamryn responded when asked about what the next step is to get the situation resolved.
As Kamryn stated the diner has a history of making inappropriate adverts. Back in 2018 the Wellington came under fire for posting a sign that said “Eating two strips of bacon a day decreases your chances of being a suicide bomber by 100%. This was a blatant reference to the fact that Muslims don’t eat pork products. As for the trans-phobic remarks, from the research that I have done, I have discovered that an incident occurred where a trans person was at the diner and while discussing an issue with the owner or manager, the trans person was misgendered on purpose on multiple occasions in front of staff and customers, causing the trans customer to become upset. We have reached out to Jeff from the Wellington but have not heard back from him as of this time. If he does respond we will make sure to adjust the article.

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