Local Diner Owner Apologizes For Insensitive Post

The owner of The Wellington Diner had a meeting with members of local music scene today and according to comments and posts on social media he has apologized to them and has learned from his mistake. According to social media posts Frost has also made a donation to the funeral costs of Tyler Hay, the local musician who tragically passed away last week due to an overdose.

A member of the public had been messaging people who were posting about the diner and sending them very crude messages and harassing people as they were mourning the passing of Tyler. According to the people who had meetings with Frost this person is not affiliated with the Wellington Diner in any way and Frost was unaware that the person was harassing people.

We still have not had an official response to our requests for comment from Frost or any other representative of the diner.

There is a fundraiser show on April 14th at The Bronson Center to help cover the costs of Tyler’s funeral. Tickets are available online, from Vertigo Records or at the door. There is also a GoFundMe for those who cannot make it to the show.

We will make sure to keep you updated on any further developments of this story.

One thought on “Local Diner Owner Apologizes For Insensitive Post

  1. Too little too late. This was just one incident in a long line of tasteless “jokes” this place has made at the expense of vulnerable populations. This just backfired a bit more than the others so now he wants to save face instead of continuing to delete comments, double down and insult people the way he usually does.


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