OPINION: Streaming Is Killing The Music Industry

By Noi Ya

Very few artists nowadays are in it for the money, most of the ones I’ve spoken to at least have their hearts in the right place and enough drive to make reasonable decisions in terms of income and business ventures. From what I’ve seen (in Canada at least) the product is there. The support is there. And (as much as I hate to say it) the labels are here too. But there’s no money.

It’s gotten so bad now that it’s started turning into a meme the, “DUDES, our song got streamed half a million times, we made six bucks” thing we’ve all become familiar with and I’m sure hear about endlessly. So, here we are in a pretty significant pickle, and people expect some groundbreaking solution that makes everything easier for everyone. There is none.

Artists deserve a minimum wage. With artist unions becoming powerless in the last few generations the only voices we have that will speak on the behalf of the collective are the singers or the managers (who also have less than wholesome goals in mind).

Recently there’s been promotions giving consumers a “deal”. $5 for the entire platforms library of music(which is quite a bit of music). The issue here lies in the payment to the artists supplying this library. Even very prominent artists have started to feel the pinch. $5 is less than a CD ten years ago. So how is this possible? It’s not. If you want to support an artist buy a shirt or the record online. Share their music on social media. Tell your friends about them. Play them loud at parties. If you don’t want to support them and don’t give a fuck about your friends in the art world. Stream.

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