Album Review: Gland | Deterioration Of Flesh

Welcome back peeps! We are reviewing Deterioration Of Flesh by Gland. We’ve been meaning to do this one for a while but we have just been too busy. Shout out to Zac for being a really good pal to us here at The Ottawa Sound!

Some background information on Gland before we get started. Gland is an Ottawa based Death Grind band formed by Zac Murray, Matthew Galant, Morgan Walsh, and Drew Bulmer.

Song 1: Deterioration Of Flesh

The album starts off with a bang. Literally. The album begins with the song Deterioration Of Flesh and the songs starts off with an intense drum part with the speedy guitars and intense vocals joining in about 3 seconds in to the song. The song is intense, powerful and terrifying.  A metal lovers dream. 


Song 2: Chainsaw Episiotomy 

This song is wild. It’s got super intense instrumentals and brutal vocals. It feels like an old school thrash metal song had a baby with a grindcore song. Fast, intense, brutal, but not over doing it. Zac’s vocals show great range and strength with the constant changing from growls to highs. The transition from the opening part to the tempo and riff change is flawless and makes the song feel super heavy. And then it hits you with the second tempo change and Zac holds the most ridiculous scream I’ve heard in a while. The third tempo change is again damn near perfect and really rounds out the song with the smooth but powerful guitar solo.


Song 3: Pyrophillic Consumption

This is probably my favourite song on the album.  It starts with a great part that you can move your body too then just out of nowhere gets super intense. Shredding guitars and epic drums are then transitioned into a head bobbing yet intense riff, which is followed by another intense part. The transitions are amazing, the drumming is top notch, guitars are ridiculous and the vocals are the perfect fit to the song.


Song 4: Postmortem Prolapse

All I have to say about this song is bass solo. 10/10

All jokes aside this song is amazing. Brutal vocals, shredding guitars, and a beautiful bass solo. Followed up by blast beats and some awesome chugging guitars.



This is one of the best death grind albums I’ve ever heard. I’m not a hardcore follower of the genre but this EP is insane. It has everything a metal head could want in an album.


Make sure to follow Gland on their social media profiles and you should also go download this album right now.

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