A Chat With: Triple Murder

In this edition of A Chat With we talk to Max, the guitarist of local metal band Triple Murder.

1. How would you describe your sound?

I would describe our sound as a toss up between old-school metal and new-school metal. Because we have those driving thrash sections but with technical breakdowns but then we have blast beats and really groovy chunky rhythms. If I could boil it down to a couple genres I would say deathcore meets metalcore meets groove metal. 

2. Who influences you as a musician or band?

As far as metal goes: Pantera, Slayer, All That Remains, The Black Dahlia Murder, Testament, Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold… As well as others I cant seem to remember right now.
I also listen to a lot old rock n roll, blues, old country, esp and some electronic music in there too

3. Any big plans for 2019/2020? What’s on the horizon for Triple Murder?

We have a few shows that are in the works, we will be playing at Music Fest For Vets in Quyon, Quebec on July 21st and we have already announced that we will be supporting Jinjer and The Browning on their trek through Ottawa, Ontario at The Brass Monkey. There are a couple more shows in the works that will be announced when the time comes.
We also plan on releasing a music video, an e.p in the next few months and a potential tour in the talks for 2020. So this is the beginning of a busy season for Triple Murder.

4. What is your creative process? How does Triple Murder come up with the tunes?

Generally one of us brings either a riff or a whole song to practice and then we talk to Zach (our drummer) about what kind of feel we’re going for and he adds his flavour to it. After that we just keep adding and removing riffs/structure out the tune till we think its perfect and then move on to lyrics. Then practice practice practice.

5. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Personally I draw inspiration from every aspect of life… I could listen to the engine rumbling away and get an idea for a riff. I could stub my toe and think of a riff hahaha. It’s a very spontaneous thing, although sometimes I have to write a riff on the spot and then I just use my experience and instincts.

6. How do you deal with those pesky pre-show jitters? Do you still get nervous before a gig?

Everyone is different when it comes to nerves before a show. I generally distance myself from everyone and get very quiet (and if you know me personally this is very out of the ordinary behavior). And then I get on stage, let loose, tear down and enjoy a nice cold beer. 

7. What is your favourite venue in Ottawa? Where do you love to play the most?

Although I haven’t played every venue in Ottawa I have a ton of love for all the ones I have played. But if I had to choose a favorite it would probably be a toss up between Mavericks and The Brass Monkey. Just because of the sound quality and the amount of stage space. 
But for the intimate stage settings I have to go with Ask A Punk because it just has that really cool old school hardcore vibe because its an underground venue and you get really close with your audience.

8. Craziest thing you’ve seen at any show? Whether you were playing or in the crowd.

Probably when i went to see Escape The Fate last summer and Set To Stun opened the show with the most energetic and mind blowing sets I’ve ever seen. The singer/guitarist was jumping off the stage and engaging spectators, climbing up the beams in mavericks an rolling around all over the place. Was just a great show.

9. If you could play a show or tour with any line up, what would it be?

Such a hard question to answer! Especially since I’ve gotta guess everybody else’s answers. But my educated guess would be. Slipknot, Lamb Of God, Parkway Drive and Enochian (New Jersey metalcore)

10. Any advice for musicians looking to get into the scene, or new bands that are just starting their journey?

Write good songs! Listen to criticism, plan things out and communicate with each other. A band is a relationship and relationships are built on communication. Make sure everybody is on the same page with the decisions that are made.But above all HAVE FUN!!!

11. Any shout outs you would like to make?

I would like to give a shout out to every body we have worked with over the last year that we have been a band. Including our die hard fans that come to every show we love all of you! 
Shout out to HarmoniaQ for landing us our first two gigs in 2018
Shout out to Zac Murray for landing us our first gig at cafe dekcuf with The Northern and Enochian.
Shout out to Christina Kasper at CHORD productions for landing us a gig with Billy Biohazard and Thy Will Be Done.
Shout out to Brandon Bird at The Diamond Mine agency for getting us on the christmas benefit show. 
Shout out to Skotti Ruffo at The Brass Monkey for helping us support Unearth/Darkest Hour back in February and now Jinjer/The Browning on October 9th this coming fall.
Thanks to Roberto at HATE MY DESIGN for working with us on our logos. 
Shout out to Joe at Darkmoon Productions for hooking us up with a sick music video. I highly recommend him, great to work with and has a great turnaround times! Can’t wait to share it with every body!
Thanks to The Ottawa Sound for this interview!

You’re welcome, we love to chat with artists, so many different perspectives and so much information is floating around in the scene and we want to help share as much of it as we can

12. Most importantly, we gotta get those links!

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbNGBciDrkpBdlL_k0l_nMA
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Triple.redruM/


Tickets to their show with Jinjer and The Browning are available from members of the band and online! We here at The Ottawa Sound have already snagged our tickets and we hope to see you there too!

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