A Chat With: Mayfield

Hello, and welcome back to our thrice weekly interview series! This time around we chat with locals, Mayfield! The melodic hardcore band just finished a tour in the U.S and we’re stoked that they took the time to answer our questions.

1. How would you describe your sound?

It can sometimes be hard to describe your own sound but I like to think of it as fast paced melodic hardcore. We touch on a lot of different styles of music, mostly because of the various musical and artistic influences we all have.

2. Who are your influences?

I draw a lot of influence from my own life and the new things I learn about this world. Music is like a soundtrack to the emotions I’m feeling, whatever adventure it is I’m on. Sometimes I can be listening to bands like Jesus Piece and Cold Shoulder, other times I’ll be singing Daniel Caesar or Amy Whinehouse. I know the guys in the band would say similar things. 

3. What’s on the horizon for your music in 2019/2020?

We’re going to be working on some new stuff in the new year, hopefully secluding ourselves to a nice dense forest somewhere and letting the creative juices flow. We’ve always had a different approach to recording so I’m sure this time will also be a new experience and a great adventure. 

4. What’s your creative process?

As a band we usually come together on an idea previously written by our guitar players and sort of layer up the songs. They usually go through a dozen changes before coming to a finale version. As for the vocals, I tend to be very critical of the way the ideas come across to others as well as myself, and also the way the words sound with the rhythm of the instruments. I like to have a couple drinks and maybe some smoke to get my emotions elevated and really dig deep into the scars to find the words to write songs.

5. Where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from people who have gone through the swamps of life and come out shining and spreading joy. I get great inspiration from my mother who is the most bad ass person I know. She makes me want to push through the trash that gets thrown in front of me and challenge myself to see how far I can go in this life. 

6. How do you deal with nerves before a show?

I like to have a couple pints. I think the other lads would say they also like to have some pints. Yeah, we like to have a couple sippy poos for sure. 

7. What’s your favourite venue in Ottawa?

Ask a Punk. No doubt. We go play shows in Kentucky and they ask about that place. Always a pleasure and always appreciate the work everyone has done to keep that place rolling over the years. 

8. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen at a show?

We played a hometown show in Stittsville one time for Zackfest, and it was in the basement of the legion. We had that room packed to the tits with all your local drunks and smoked out stitty punks. I think it was our third song into the set and everyone was throwing down like they were 16 again. They went so hard that a man in the back of the venue (shall remain undisclosed) got thrown up against the cabinets and tripped on a merch bin. When he flew back into the cabinet a massive speaker fell off the top shelf about 5 ft above his head and smashed his right on the head. He crumpled like an accordion. I ultimately had to stop the set and check on him. I had some momentary sense of responsibility I guess. In the end he was okay. But man he got mashed.

9. If you could tour with any line up, who would it be?

We’d love to have a chance to tour with bands like Gatherers and Crooks UK. If we could shoot for the stars I’d say one day doing a show with Counterparts would be cool for sure. 

10. Any advice for new musicians looking to start their careers?

Don’t worry about trying to make it big, or get signed. Play music for the love of it. Be creative and artistic and express yourself however the hell you want to. If you put your heart into it, good things will follow.

11. Any shout outs you want to make?

Shoutout to Sam G, our boy. Shoutout Alex Barry also our boy. And anyone who finds a positive connection with our music. We owe you it all.

12. Anything you want people to check out? Any links you’d like them to follow?

Check us out on Spotify, or any other music platform. Check us out on Facebook Mayfield613

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