Local Rapper Killed In Byward Shooting

Markland Campbell of HalfSizeGiants was killed on June 7th 2019 in a shooting in the Byward Market. (Photo taken from Facebook)

Last night a shooting in the Byward Market took the life of a member of local hip-hop trio HalfSizeGiants.

According to The Sun local musician and member of rap trio HalfSizeGiants, Markland Anothony Campbell, also known as Jahiant Jah, was gunned down in the Byward Market. After leaving work, he received a call saying his daughter was being harassed in the by-ward and he went down to go and help her.

At the age of 16, Campbell had held an anti-violence concert to protest the death of Nicholas Battersby in March of 1994. 25 years later he was violently and maliciously gunned down trying to live up to the standards he set for himself back in 1994. According to local radio host Justin Gunderson, Campbell deliberately pushed anti-violence messaging through his work.

After a 15 year hiatus the trio had recently released a new album called, Life Moves Fast. Another member of the trio, Christopher Weins, said that Campbell’s spirit would live on through their song Girl You Know, which also featured Danny Fernandez.

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