A Chat With: Peaks

Today we chat with our good friends in Peaks. These fast paced, heavy, bass driven band is one of the most underrated bands in Ottawa. Find out what they had to say, down below!

1. How would you describe your sound?

Bass driven garage rock inspired by our favourites: Kijiji and Pour Boy Pub

2. Who are your influences?

Queens of The Stone Age, Death From Above 1979, Muse, Royal Blood, Red Hot Chili Peppers

3. What’s on the horizon for your music in 2019/2020? 

Dropping two music videos, an LP, and playing gigs in Peterborough/Ottawa/Montreal/Toronto 

4. What is your creative process?

We start by exploring a stream of consciousness until a particular riff catches our attention. Then we build it up and out until we have the framework down. From there we take it home and work on it independently and add final touches at next rehearsal. As Alex puts it: Play loud, then play it twice as loud to see if we don’t get sick of it 

5. Where do you draw inspiration from?

Our personal struggles and causes. For us, creating music is a form of therapy to cope with the hardships of life. Further inspiration drawn from #RIGSOFDOOM

6. How do you deal with nerves before a show?

Practice until we can play the songs without overthinking so we can focus on putting on the most engaging show possible. Our drummer Dave’s fear gland was actually removed at birth, so he’s immune. He still practices with us in solidarity!

7. Fave venue in Ottawa? Live!

On Elgin! Epic ownership, super friendly bar staff, wicked sound, plus they are an all ages venue

8. Craziest thing you’ve seen at a show?

Alex once tripped on an uneven riser and cracked his skull on a nearby piano. He would have kept playing if we hadn’t made him go to the hospital.

9. If you could tour/play a show with any line up who would it be?

Easy! Metz, Death From Above 1979, Onionface, Heart Attack Kids, SOLIDS 

10.Advice for new musicians/band?

Don’t take things so seriously, push yourself to use techniques that challenge your ability as a musician, have fun and stay hydrated. Crush the inner saboteur!

11. Any shout outs you want to make?

Big ups to McCormick Analog, Spaceman Music and Apartment #2 Recording (Topon/Scott) 

12.Social media links/music links

website: www.peaks613.com

spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/37tTZgfyLpTGuOFzjpvbfp

insta: @PEAKS613

fb: https://www.facebook.com/peaks613/

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