Sinful Ways | To Hell Tonight | Review

Today we take a gander at To Hell Tonight by locals Sinful Ways. The EP is their debut album and let me tell you now, my brain nearly exploded because of how much I loved this album. For fans of bands like Bullet For My Valentine, Slayer, and Pantera, I think you’ll enjoy this album.

1: To Hell Tonight

The album starts out fast and hard. The guitar tone is nice and crisp and sounds very nice. The transitions are great and I love the speed of the song. The vocals enter a little too late into the song for my personal preference, but it fit well. I originally thought the album was instrumental, but when the vocals finally kicked in I seriously enjoyed them. The screams aren’t overly edited to make them thicker, which is a common thing now for metal artists and the cleans fit nicely into the song. The song sounds like early Bullet For My Valentine to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It sounds like it was heavily influenced by the early 2000’s metalcore/post hardcore scene and the 90’s heavy metal scene. The guitars shred and the speed is intense. Overall its a great way to open the album. 9.7/10

2: Modern Messiah

The intro riff is very strong. Again the speed is intense, but not too fast. The dual guitar riffs were amazing and well done. The transitions are great, the song is just the right amount of heavy. At around 1:42 in the song to about 2:00 all I could say was, “oof”. The whole section was just amazing and melted my face off. My only gripe is the drums sound a little synthetic, but I think that’s just because I prefer live drums over samples. I could be wrong and my ear could just be off. The lyricism and songwriting overall are great. Reminds me of Bullet For My Valentine’s early work again. 9.5/10

3: Rest In Piece

This one starts off with a very punky riff, its catchy and I really like the riff. The only thing I can find wrong with the song is its a little repetitive at times. I loved the parts where the song slows down. The guitar solo is amazing and fits perfectly. It’s not fast but it’s well written. The bass riff back into the song is great. Then it hits you another solo, which………wow. The sweeps and taps are amazing. The recording of the guitars is very clean. The mix is well done as well. 9/10

4: Apologies

I love the intro riff again. Feels very Pantera like. Lyrics are strong, More shredding. Drums are good. At one point in the song all I could think of was Hulk Hogan saying, “hell yeah brother!” More very well done transitions. Guitars are very strong. One of the transitions was just absolutely beautifully done. The band sounds not just tight, but glued together, everything just fits perfectly where its placed. The Pantera, Slayer and other late 80’s/early 90’s metal influences are very noticeable. 9.8/10


This album is one of favourite local albums, not just of the year, but all time. The guitarists are obviously very talented and the band are great songwriters. I give the whole album an even 38/40.

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