Fun In The Sun | Gland | Album Review

Welcome to our second musical adventure with local pop rock sensations, Gland. The band released their EP, Fun In The Sun, today and we had the pleasure of listening to it, and now you get to read our opinions on it.

Pecker Wrecker

Our delightful sonic induced adventure begins with the ballad Pecker Wrecker. With its fast paced guitar work and blistering drums, the EP starts off just right. The mixing is great, guitar work is on point and the blast beats are, in the words of Wayne Campbell “Excellent”. The transitions between parts are executed nicely and don’t feel forced. The second riff had my head moving. The shredding solo was great. 9/10

Shit Faced

Second up is the beautiful song Shit Faced. The lyrics are very well written, with my favourite line being, “home made drugs straight from my ass.” The Guitar work was great, the tone used was damn near perfect. The drums are fast, but not overly complicated, which is great. The ending is abrupt, but it fits the song. 9/10

Jabba The Butt

Next on the shit list is Jabba The Butt, a biographical tale of the obese twin of Jabba The Hutt. I love the guitar work, the drums are again, not overtly difficult but fast paced, which is exactly what is needed for the song. The mixing game is still on point. What they did at 1:21 is pure perfection, trust me. The double kick and blast beats are on point. 9.5/10


Off the bat I love the use of stereo at the start, well done. I love it when artists and producers make use of switching between lanes. I love the tempo change at around 55 seconds in, and the instrumentation fits together beautifully. The transitional riff at 1:55 is, in the words of Borat, “Very Nice!” After that transition can be described in one word, brutal. It’s loud, pounding and not too slow, then you get back to the main riff in another well executed transition. 9.3/10

Fun In The Mung

Our adventure comes to a close with the masterpiece, Fun In The Mung. It starts with a nicely executed four beat snare, and then launched into an epic riff. The intro is a little long for me, but that’s just personal taste. The main riff is probably my favourite on the album. The slow part is sick. Drums, are consistent with the rest of the album and not too complicated but still well done. Everything meshes together very well. 9.7/10


This is the best pop rock album ever released. Go buy it.

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