Heaven’s Little Devil by Eve Of Uprise Review

Our first musical review of 2020 is the latest release from Lanark County hard rockers, Eve Of Uprise. Heaven’s Little Devil was released on December 14th, 2019 and is available on most streaming services. We are trying a new style of review for 2020 so please comment down below if you like the new way we are reviewing or not. We are always open for new ideas and constructive criticism, if we can dish it out we can take it!

Song Structure & Listening Notes

The song starts with a roaring intro guitar riff. The guitar tone is absolutely amazing. It has just the right amount of distortion, and the tone still has a nice warm feel in the mix. The vocal melody fits very nicely with the guitar riffs and the transitions from verse to chorus is executed very well. The guitar solo near the end is very well done. The chorus is very catchy and overall the song feels very tight and well written. The main riff is very catchy and makes me want to move my head or dance along. The song gives me Avenged Sevenfold vibes.

Mixing and Technical Notes

The high notes in the vocals can feel a little harsh at points and there does seem to be a slight amount of clipping at some points on the vocal track, but other than that the mix is very nice and warm with a rich full sound. I was using Audio Technica studio quality headphones through a UR 22 MKII Audio Interface while listening to the song, so your headphones/speakers may give you a slightly different sound that what I heard. The bass seems to fill out the sound very nicely and the drums are excellent. The mix on the drums was nearly perfect. I personally may have boosted the cymbals a slight touch and have lowered the highs on the guitar and vocals to reduce the harshness in certain spots, but that is mostly personal taste. I may have also added just a touch of reverb to give the song a more roomy feel. I may have also lowered the vocals in the mix by about 1.5 or 2 and add a bit of compression with a touch of reverberation just to get it a bit less forward, but again that is mostly personal taste.

TL;DR Version

  • The guitar tone is amazing.
  • Mix is very well done.
  • Bass really builds and fills out the tone.
  • Transitions are amazingly executed.
  • Seems to be a little clipping on the vocals.
  • Melody fits very nicely with the guitar
  • High notes can be a little harsh in the mix
  • Would lower vocals a touch
  • maybe raise cymbals, lower highs on guitars and vox
  • add a touch of reverb
  • Guitar solo was nicely executed
  • The chorus is very catchy
  • Fade out at end is done nicely
  • Intro is sick
  • The main riff is very catchy and makes me want to move head.

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