TOSMA Winners

This year was our biggest year for TOSMA; we had more options for each category and, we had more votes than ever before. Over 3000 votes were cast and some categories were decided by less than 10 votes (4% of votes cast), others were won by more than 70% of the vote. On behalf of the team, and the scene, I want to thank you all for taking the time to show the scene your love and support.

Now, let’s get to what you’re all waiting for, the winners

Fan Vote

  • Rock Artist Of The Year: Sunday Riot Club
  • Rock Album Of The Year: They’ll Watch You Learn and Watch You Burn (Cody Smith)
  • Rock Song Of The Year: The Friendly Town (Cody Smith)
  • Pop Artist Of The Year: Kanaska
  • Pop Album Of The Year: The Answer Doesn’t Exist (Lessons In Crime)
  • Pop Song Of The Year: Suicide (Kanaska)
  • Metal Artist Of The Year: Fractures & Outlines
  • Metal Album Of The Year: Defenseless (Fractures & Outlines)
  • Metal Song Of The Year: Echoes (Fractures & Outlines)
  • Instrumental Artist Of The Year: Skybound
  • Instrumental Album Of The Year: Winter. Spring (Yarns)
  • Instrumental Song Of The Year: Liquid Courage (Skybound)
  • Live Act Of The Year: Sunday Riot Club
  • Producer Of The Year: Joe Lyko
  • Videographer Of The Year: Joe Lyko
  • Photographer Of The Year: Jessy Dwyer
  • Music Video Of The Year: Defenseless (Fractures & Outlines)

Editor’s Choice

These are awards chosen by me.

  • Artist Of The Year: Fractures & Outlines (For winning all 3 categories in the Metal genre and winning Music Video Of The Year, I believe they are the Artist Of The Year this year.)
  • Editor’s Choice: Cody Smith and Elementals (I usually use this award for an individual or group who has made an impact on the music scene. Last year Noi Ya won after announcing he was leaving Ottawa after years of involvement with us at The Ottawa Sound. Since Cody and his band Elementals had 2 sold out farewell shows, which were both cancelled due to the current state of emergency, and are leaving the Ottawa music scene, I decided they were my Editor’s Choice this year.)
  • Promoter Of The Year: Jessy Dwyer. (Jessy and his company Beyond The Pit, have exploded onto our scene as concert promoters this year, helping bring acts such as Hunt The Dinosaur, to the city. They hosted a battle of the bands to help promote and grow our scene, and did we mention they’re making a movie? This is why they are our Promoter Of The Year)

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