Local Teen, Releasing Powerful Ballad

“While looking for love, you lost mine”

Mia Kelly is a young singer-songwriter based in the national capital region. With her youthful spirit and fresh tunes, 17-year-old Mia Kelly is making her mark in the Canadian music scene. Listed as one of  Ottawa’s “Top 10 artists to watch in 2020” by Lynn Saxberg, Ottawa Citizen, Mia is releasing her new single, “Well, My Dear”, on Friday, July 3rd. 

Photo taken from Mia Kelly’s Facebook page, Mia Kelly Music.

“Well, My Dear” is a nostalgic ballad infused with toe-tapping hope. The song was recorded earlier this year and was produced by Arturo Portocarrero. The track is backed by incredible local musicians: Phillipe Charbonneau (Upright Bass); Jérémie Trépanier (electric guitar and backup vocals); and Jacob Milnes (drums). “Well, My Dear” was written while travelling in Taiwan and tells the fictional story of a neglected relationship that has gone awry. 

Her powerful vocals transcend her young years and she has impressive natural confidence that is rarely seen. Mia is without a doubt one of Ottawa’s most promising emerging artists.

Kelly Symes, Bluesfest & Festival of Small Halls

Despite the confinement, Mia is finding many ways to connect with audiences and push her new content. She has done numerous online shows, will be releasing music videos and is working on an album for 2021. Mia will be performing this song during multiple upcoming virtual performances (Musical Tuesdays with the Municipality of Chelsea, StudiOdyssée, etc).

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