Pale Black Eyes: Quarantine Review

By Kyle Sauve

This week we have a guest writer doing a review for us. Kyle Stumpo (our main writer/editor) released an album for his side project, Pale Black Eyes, and our good friend Kyle Sauve (of Social Suicide) sent him his analysis of the album. We got permission from Mr.Sauve to post his analysis on the blog, so a big thank you to Kyle from The Ottawa Sound team!

Jake (L) and Kyle (R) of Pale Black Eyes

Song 1: Quarantine Part 1

I really like how atmospheric it is, it kind of reminds me of Neil Young’s instrumental stuff.

Song 2: Pandemic

This one has really grown on me, it has more of an electronic feel, but really reminds me of the early 90’s with all the distortion in the vocals. The lyrics seem to be about the rich screwing over the poor. Working class vs upper class.

Song 3: Quarantine Part 2

Just a nice little interlude.

Song 4: Time

Maybe the most atmospheric song on the album, gives me a bit of hope in the darkness kind of feel.

Song 5: Crumbling

The lyrics have a theme of nostalgia, remembring back to before the complex subjects such as racism, sexism, and school shootings, as a kid you don’t often think about these things

With clean choruses and heavy verses, this song is maybe the most ambitious, I would have maybe liked some real drums to add to the electric drums for the heavy parts.

Song 6: Quarantine Part 3

A continuation of the speech by Rob Ford? The atmosphere keeps things tense; I love the rain and siren samples.

Song 7: Isolate

This is my favorite song on the album, the best mix of electronic, and punk, with even a bit of hardcore elements, I love the solo and lyrics, a really good piece of dance punk everything is mixed well and sounds great.

Song 8: Seize The Hour

Keeps things relevant and adds more emphasis on the anti racism theme seen throughout the album.

Song 9: Hindsight

This is my 3rd favorite, just a nice well executed sad ballad, gives some more variety to the album feels crushing lonely.


I would have likes maybe a little more of the Rob Ford speech to end out the album, but other than that I really enjoyed everything.


Album is available on all major streaming services and stores. Also available on Bandcamp



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