Bridge To Extinction: Beyond Deviation/Martyrs Split Review

By Kyle Sauve

You wander into an abandoned nursery, the time is 3 am, you just need a safe place to sleep for the night.

In the next room you can hear the demented chimes of a music box, slowly playing a disturbing lullaby, suddenly the chimes turn into a thousand ominous detuned guitars, and any sense of safety is ripped away from you as demons of all sizes breakdown the walls and come straight for you. That is the exact imagery that went through my head the first time I heard the cinematic  opening track of Bridge to Extinction, the short but sweet split between Beyond Deviation, and Martyrs.

Every riff hits like a killdozer, on this impressive sophomore effort  for both bands.

Beyond Deviation, is more on the extreme metal side of things, and Martyrs is a little more hardcore punk, but both bring the riffs and pure seething anger in spades.

The stand out tracks are the aforementioned, first track(Senseless Society) by Beyond Deviation, and the ruckus hardcore shout along of ACAB by Martyrs,  gave me instant flash backs to packed venues and vicious circle pits, I can almost feel the sweat and smell the stale beer!

It’s catchy, and will have you wishing you could be back at shows screaming every word back at the stage.

All 4 songs deliver where it most counts in the world of Deathcore, clean production, it’s heavy as fuck and riffs galore! If you enjoy heavy music, check this out, you won’t be sorry.

You can find the EP here or on any other streaming service.

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