Hey folks!

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve had the time or energy to sit down and write out something for the blog. My life these last few months has been absolutely hectic, but it looks like things are starting to calm down.

There is a massive backlog of reviews to work through, and I’m slowly hacking my way through it with the assistance of Kyle Sauve from Social Suicide, so big shout out to him for all his help.

My fiance and I just had our second child the other day which is keeping us busy and away from the blog, plus my bands are both working on new music which is adding to my already busy schedule, I will try and keep a diary style blog of what’s happening with recording and other music stuff when I can, I think that this is going to be a much easier way to keep the blog up to date with new content, and I’ll sprinkle some reviews and news in there as well.

Me and my 2 boys

My band Carissa released a new song last week, literally the day before my son was born. The song is called Guilty and I am so beyond excited to be releasing this song. Music is a sort of therapy for me and this song in particular helped me release some internalized guilt, hence the name.

The lyrics deal with grieving the sudden but perhaps preventable loss of a person you were once close to, but had over time slowly lost contact with. How sometimes you wonder could you have done anything to stop it? A phone call? A visit? But now it’s too late to find out, so you’ll forever have this nagging guilt inside you. 

If suicide ever crosses your mind, please reach out to a loved one, or a help line. Believe me, I do know how difficult it is, and I know you feel like a burden but you’re not and no matter how badly you feel or how unlovable you’re going to be missed.

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