Spotify Put The Wrong Lyrics On My Song…lol

Carissa outside Mavericks Bar in Ottawa on September 17th 2021.
Photo Credit to: Bev Carson-Bader

This week Spotify started putting lyrics beside songs on their platform, which is pretty neat for fans and artists alike, as it allows people to read along and understand the song, and it also prevents “misheard” lyrics.

Unless….. Spotify puts the wrong lyrics on the songs, which they did to me.

My band Carissa, released a song on the 9th of November entitled, Guilty. On the distributor’s site I was allowed to write the lyrics in a little box so that if any platforms allowed lyrics, they would be shown, so I wrote them in.

Yesterday Carissa was featured on a playlist by APT613, so I went to check it out and I noticed that Spotify had finally attached the lyrics to the single, I was reading them and immediately noticed something was wrong, they had put the clean lyrics on the explicit version of the song, whoops.

So I checked and I had written the correct lyrics on the distributor, and the lyrics we’re correct on the clean version, so I have no explanation as to why this happened. I also have no way of contacting Spotify to rectify the problem, so I guess I’ll just have to live with it for now.

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