Local Music News Highlights

April 2nd 2019

In Memory Of Tyler Hay

On Tuesday March 26th 2019, the Ottawa music scene awoke to the horrible news that it had lost one of its own. We would like to dedicate this month of posts by The Ottawa Sound, to Tyler.

Tyler was a warm loving person who treated everyone with the utmost respect. He always made you feel welcome, no matter who you were. His legacy will live on in all of our music.
Many local musicians flooded to social media to bid the talented guitarist and vocalist adieu. Almost every post we saw stated how loving and kind he was.

We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to his family, bandmates and friends.

Rest In Peace Tyler,
From all of us here at The Ottawa Sound.

A Scene In The Scene

Local Restaurant Causes Uproar

Kyle Stumpo


The Wellington Street Diner, a local eatery located on Wellington Street, has caused another uproar due to it’s controversial advertising practices. While many people may find the advertisement relatively innocuous the city is currently reeling from a multitude of overdoses in the last 2 weeks and this has caused some people to start letting the diner know.


“I believe that Ottawa businesses and the diner in question should understand that capitalizing on tragedy may get you publicity but creates a disgusting reputation for not only your business but for the city,” said Kamryn Lamadeleine during an interview on Monday.

There’s a saying that any publicity is good publicity, but the Wellington Diner has capitalized off of Islamophobia and now the drug epidemic. Which in my opinion is nothing short of inhumane and tasteless. I hope that the city of Ottawa recognized that this cess pool should not be considered a hidden gem or supported by politicians and athletes,” she said.